Ceramic coating is revolutionizing car care by providing a glossy finish which is extended, with the requisite function of being protective. It ensures that your car remains in a condition as if it never left the showroom. But this being a significant investment, you need to maintain your car's ceramic coating for maximum results and durability. 

Read on to learn more about the maintenance of your ceramic-coated automobile so that it looks awesome for years to come!

Do?s of Ceramic Coating

#1 Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are different from sealants or wax; they are a liquid made of polymers and applied to the exterior surfaces. The attachment formed with the factory paint creates a chemical bond that develops into a layer of protection resistant to dirt, grime, and contaminants.

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#2 Gentle Washing Techniques

The foundation of ceramic coating maintenance is getting the right washing techniques. 

Use a pH-neutral Shampoo and steer clear of harsh detergents that can strip the coating. Use two buckets, one bucket should contain the wash solution and one for rinsing your mitt. This minimizes the risk of transferring dirt and grit onto the car and prevents scratching. Use microfiber materials since they are gentle on your coating, reducing the risk of scratching and swirl marks.

#3 Regular Decontamination

Eventually, tar, sap, and brake dust may begin to bond to the ceramic coating. Regular decontamination maintains the hydrophobic properties and general appearance of the coating.

#4 Properly Drying

As important as washing is, drying is too. Water spots will mar with mineral deposits. Use a microfiber drying towel since they are highly absorbent and helpful for the car?s ceramic coating maintenance. A leaf blower or car air dryer is ideal to ensure there are no scratches because of the least contact made with the paint.

#5 Inspect and Touch-Up

You can also run regular checks on your car to identify if the spots require attention. You may apply a small amount of coating or a booster product in areas where the coating is seen to be wearing off.

Don?ts of Ceramic Coatings

#1 Avoid Automated Car Washes

Automated car washes are very convenient but can be the arch-nemesis of ceramic coated car maintenance. The brushes from such washes, in most cases, are too harsh and may bring about micro-scratch effects, therefore diminishing the effectiveness of the coating and shine. Go for a gentle hand wash that uses pH-neutral shampoo and soft microfiber mitts.

#2 Avoid Parking Under Trees

Parking under trees though shaded may be risky to your car because of tree sap, bird droppings, and other substrates that give the ceramic coating a hard time. Such substances, if not removed for a long time, will etch into the coating and reduce the level of protection it offers to your car. 

#3 Do Not Forgot The Usual Maintenance

Although ceramic coating Appleton WI needs less frequent waxing and polishing, they don't exempt your car from regular maintenance. If you fail to wash your car regularly, you will be allowing the contaminants to build on the surface to penetrate your coating. Ensure that you wash your car at least once every two weeks to ensure the surface stays clean and the coating is intact.

 #4 Refrain from Using a Pressure Washer Incorrectly

While pressure washers may be very helpful in vehicles when washing, improper use may scratch your car's ceramic coating. High pressure generally makes the coating chip or peel off, especially along the edges and seams. Carefully use the pressure washer with a safe distance for the nozzle from the surface, at least 12 inches, avoiding a high-pressure setting.

#5 Don't Skip Decontamination Treatments

With time, there are going to be contaminants on your car's surface that a regular wash will not take away and would include tar, iron fallouts, and tree sap: these skipping-on decontamination treatments allow those contaminants to bond to the coating, rendering it less effective. Run a clay bar or an iron remover every couple of months to keep the surface clean and smooth.

Final Thoughts

Although maintaining a ceramic coating is not highly challenging, it still needs a very dedicated approach. The given ceramic coating maintenance tips will keep your car protected, shining, and impressive for years. Gentle washing on a routine basis, periodic decontamination, and avoiding poor practices are the most important things to use in association with the right products that help ensure your coating offers you optimal results at all times. 

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