Safeguarding your vehicle is imperative for every car enthusiast. In the phase of automotive safeguarding and maintenance of car appearance, paint protection film vs Ceramic Coating are two things that protect your vehicle from damage.

The debate about which one to opt for has always been controversial. This guide would help you understand which caters to your preferences and budget. This article will provide insights about which is better for your vehicle after comparing their differences.


Difference Between Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

The exteriors of cars are treated with a liquid polymer known as ceramic coating, also referred to as glass coating. If you are looking for Ceramic coating in Appleton and Oshkosh then MUNTZ TINTZ provides you top-notch coating for both the exterior and interior of your car.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, often known as PPF, is a clear polyurethane material utilized to furnish vehicles with a protective layer. It shields the exterior of your vehicle from dents, blemishes, and various potential damages, functioning akin to an unseen barrier. This film is applied to keep the vehicle's external surfaces looking brand-new.

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Advantages of PPF

Appleton and Oshkosh Ceramic car coating provides different packages for coating at different prices, and you can opt according to your preferences.

Paint Protection Film Vs. Ceramic Coating

Here are a few points of car paint protection film vs ceramic coating, let have a look at them one by one:

1. Purpose

PPF: PPF is a clear thermoplastic urethane coating, usually applied to the painting surfaces of a car which is used to prevent damages caused by scrapes. It acts as a barrier representing a physical filter that eliminates acids, road salt, waste, and other pollution sources.

Ceramic Coating: This is when you use this liquid polymer on the outside surfaces of your vehicle. It gives another level of shield to the paint that makes its chemical connection and ensures simplifying the process of cleaning. It provides chemical resistance against stains, UV rays, oxidation and light scratching.

2. Appearance

PPF: A quality PPF installation is transparent unlike spawned from the production, however, depending on its quality, the edge may be visible.

Ceramic Coating: The increase of luster in PPF & Ceramic Coatings gives modern cars their smooth, reflective look. There are no more layers put in to hide the paint's original condition like the Truth.

3. Durability

PPF: Generally speaking, it usually results in long-term hardiness that outperforms ceramic coating in the aspect of physical protection by virtue of its great endurance and scratch-proof ability against more serious shocks and scratches.

Ceramic Coating: Creates long-standing protection from environmental hazards, however, for the most efficient performance, reapplication needs to be done every one to two years

4. Setting-up

PPF: Being chiefly responsible for its thickness and accuracy of placement, its installation requires ultimate professionalism to avoid air bubbles or defects.

Ceramic Coating: When applied by a pro, the highest quality and lifespan are guaranteed, but a DIY project is also an option.

5. Price

PPF: In other words, the high initial cost is often a result of the high costs for materials and the manual installation process which require a high number of employees.

Ceramic Coating: In the initial period, it costs less than PPF; however, it will probably need more frequent applications which will increase the overall cost.

Way Forward

So to choose PPF and Ceramic Coatings, you must know and understand their features and benefits. You can check the above-listed things when selecting them to decide what to select for your car requirements.

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