Many automobile owners, homeowners, and business owners are choosing the option of window tinting. Window tinting has many advantages beyond aesthetics. This includes benefits like heat reduction, privacy, and UV protection. However, there are so many shades of window tints to choose from. Therefore, it might be difficult to choose. In this blog, we will learn about the various types of window tint shades and their distinct qualities.

Understanding Window Tint Shades

Different shades of window tint for your car windows are measured in terms of Visible Light Transmission (VLT). VLT is the percentage of visible light that passes through the window film. For example, a tint with a 50% VLT can allow 50% of the light to pass through. On the other hand, a 5% VLT (often called "limo tint") only allows  5% of the light to pass. So, basically, the lower the VLT percentage, the darker the tint.

Exploring Different Shades Of Window Tint

#1. Dyed Window Tinting

If you're on a tight budget then different shades of auto window tint that use dye can be the best option for you. They protect the interior of your car from harmful sun rays by applying many layers of dye. Choosing the dyed window tinting will depend on your preferred amount of darkness. Furthermore, the color absorbs solar heat. Therefore, this will help to maintain a cooler temperature inside the car. 

#2. Tinting Windows With A Metalized Finish

Metalized automobile films work by reflecting light that usually helps block out heat and light. However, it has minute metallic particles embedded in the film. This is used to give the appearance of your windows a shiny look rather than coloring them. Metalized window tinting increases the strength of your window in addition to providing heat and light protection. This increases the window's durability against scratches and shattering in your car. Furthermore, metalized window films are long-lasting and do not fade easily.

#3. Carbon Window Tinting

Carbon window tints block UV rays more effectively than colored or metallic tints. This is because they are composed of carbon fiber particles that do not get damaged over time. They also have a distinct matte finish. This increases the aesthetic appeal of your car. Such shades of window tint have good insulating qualities. This helps cut down on solar heat, which can provide a cooler temperature for your car. The additional cost you will pay to install this will be gained by their good durable nature.

#4. Hybrid Window Tinting

If you can't decide between metalized and dyed tinting then hybrid tinting is the middle ground. It combines the best features of both techniques. To reduce the drawbacks of both colored and metalized tinting, they are made up of colored layers and a thin layer of metal. Hybrid car films offer adequate privacy. Plus, this film protects you from heat and UV radiation without being overly reflective or dark.

#5. Ceramic Tinting for Windows

The best kind of window tint for your car is ceramic and this is opposed to any other types. Ceramic tinting blocks most of the harmful sun rays. It also offers more insulation because ceramic particles don't conduct heat. Because of this, it's the best tint for keeping your car cool. 

Ceramic window tints are free of metal particles and dyes. So they won't corrode or obstruct your radio signals over time. Ceramic windows will increase the shatter resistance of your windows. They aid in glare reduction without having a heavy tint. Thus, this will give you the luxury of a more effective and lighter tint for your car.


There are several advantages of different shades of window tint for your car. Whether you want a dark limo tint for complete isolation or a light tint for UV protection, there's a tint that works for everyone. So, when you choose between different shades of window tint, always take into account the primary purpose of the tint, the local legislation, and your desired taste. The appearance of your car can all be improved by using the correct tint. Additionally, these will provide you with more comfort, privacy, and security. 

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